There are 4 teams in the school: Elements, Rudiments, U16 and U19 all of which compete in (A) League and Cup competitions organised by Basketball Ireland.

Coaches: Ciaran Evans and Alessandro Biffi

The coaches will train the players in skill, strategy and tactics as well as doing the active coaching during games.


Wednesdays 13:15 to 15:00 in Belvedere Gym

Fridays 3:35 to 5pm in Belvedere Gym. 

Beginner/social basketball focuses on developing some basic skills and then running some scrimmage/pick-up games. Team players ARE welcome and encouraged to come along.

Rudiments & Elements

There will be a try-out for Rudiments and Elements late in the first term. Competition for these age-groups does not begin until after Christmas. New players from both years are welcome to come along and see if they think basketball is for them. Club players and those with no previous experience will be welcome.

School Contact:

Co-ordinator – Conor Wynne-Walsh
Email: Conor Wynne-Walsh

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