Projects Funded

Projects Funded


Student initiatives in the College got off to a great start in the first term, kicking off with the Healthy Eating Program. Dovetailing with the College’s focus on healthy eating, and the commitment from catering in the College, the students were funded in support of their project to educate and improve food choices for students.

The second funded initiative was the well-researched and popular application for new free weights for the gym. The merits of this application were clearly set out in the funding request submitted, and the reach to the student body explained so that the PA understood that it is to benefit all students.

Supporting the greener living ethos of the College, the third student application for funding is for additional bicycle racks to be installed in the courtyard. This is to compliment the College’s own undertaking to support students cycling to the College.

The PA was honoured to assist 3 debaters from the college who were going to Oxford and Vietnam, respectively, to represent College and Country in world championship debates. Modest support for the students’ costs was approved and funded.

Other supports include new wire and extras for the chicken coup which will be funded in part, the College Tie Ceremony, social rugby jerseys, support for the religious programme during the year and the Irish Department for the annual Lá Gaelach.

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