Student Wellbeing and Safeguarding


Information relating to Joseph Marmion SJ Redress Scheme

The Report ‘A Restorative Response to the Abuse of Children Perpetrated by Joseph Marmion SJ’, written by the two independent restorative justice facilitators Barbara Walshe and Catherine O’Connell has been published today, Monday 14th August 2023.

The report documents two years of their work of direct engagement with the past pupils abused by Joseph Marmion’ SJ, of engagement with Jesuits, and of engagements between the past pupils and the Jesuits.

You can read access the Report and statement from the Province Here.

Wellbeing Resources:

1. Critical Incident Management team: This team is made up of College staff, led by the Headmaster and works with a member the National Educational Psychologists Service, (NEPS) during and after critical incidents to support our school.

2. Support is available to all students from their Form Tutor, Year Head, Chaplaincy, Guidance Counsellors, members of the Additional Educational Needs team and the Leadership team.  Any student who is concerned about their own wellbeing, or if they are concerned about a friend, should contact any of the above members of staff to seek advice and additional support.

3. If a Parent or Guardian is concerned about their son, please contact the College, normally the Form Tutor in the first instance and we can offer a range of in-school supports. If you have immediate or serious concerns, the advice given by the National Educational Psychologists Service, (NEPS), is to speak with your son and also make contact with your GP without delay.

4. Additional in-school supports are also available in the form of the Junior Student Support Team or the Senior Student Support Team.

5. Wellbeing supports are available on the education pages on here

6. Resources and supports for leaving Certificate students/parents/guardians and school staff have been updated on here:  The HSE Website has a wealth of resources available to support, students, staff and parents in terms of information, service and support to promote wellbeing.

7. is a counselling service who works with the College as part of our additional supports. If you as a student, or as a parent or guardian feel, you want to avail of a counselling service, please contact Insight Matters and let them know that your son is a Belvedere College S.J. student.

Please contact any of the supports listed above, if you are struggling as a student, if you are concerned about a friend or if you feel your son needs support as a Parent or Guardian.

Wellbeing Resources for Parents

Wellbeing Policy Statement and Framework for Practice


The College has a number of procedures for ensuring the wellbeing and continual safety of our students.

Below is a graphic on how Wellbeing and Safeguarding measures are coordinated for students in the College.

Please click on the links below for an explanation of the key roles.

Designated Liaison Person (DLP)

Subject Teacher

Form Tutor and Year Head

Safeguarding Team and Critical Incident Team

Health and Safety Team




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