formerly known as the Ladies Committee

Cairde Committee

We are excited to share with you our new name and logo for Cairde Belvedere (formerly known as the Ladies Committee)

In announcing our new name and logo, it also provides us with the perfect opportunity to provide a bit more clarity about the role Cairde Belvedere plays in supporting Belvedere College SJ.

Mission and Purpose

Cairde Belvedere essentially provides a helping hand to Belvedere College SJ.  With a focus on spiritual wellbeing, it means that we work collaboratively with the college to either initiate and run or support community and social events and maintain a strong focus on charitable wellbeing.

This can be seen through the various activities that we either deliver or support throughout the year;

·      For charitable wellbeing we host various fundraising initiatives such as the Festive Food Demo, Table Quiz, Ladies Lunch.

·      On the community and social side we work closely together with the college students and teachers to support on-site school events such as masses, debates, graduations.

Cairde Belvedere, working collaboratively with Belvedere College SJ, are guided by and aligned to the strategic principles of Belvedere College SJ as set out in the 2023-2028 strategy plan.  This ensures that any fundraising that occurs is donated in a way that actively supports the strategic priorities of Belvedere College SJ.

Your support matters

Your active involvement in supporting events is at the heart of our success and how we can best give back to the college through our fundraising efforts.

If you have a suggestion, idea or some expertise that would help elevate the quality of events delivered we’d love to hear about it.  Just drop us a note at

Stay informed

Keep up-to-date with the Cairde Belvedere event schedule by checking us out through the Belvedere College SJ newsletter, Compass alerts, Belvedere College SJ Social Media platforms and via the various parent What’sApp groups.

We look forward to seeing you at events throughout the year ahead and your continued support to both Cairde Belvedere and Belvedere College SJ.

Roisin Curran


Cairde Committee

Cairde Belvedere Members 2023-2024

Mary McElroy – Treasurer, Karen Mahon – Secretary, Rebecca O’Brien, Lorna O’Meara, Una Molloy, Emma McGrath, Annaba Kilfeather, Aideen O’Dunlaing, Claire O’Grady, Bairbre Higgins, Donna Treleaven, Leeanne Moyles, Jane Loughrey, Laoise Byrne, Orla Brennan, Pamela Dunne

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