Fr Joseph Marmion SJ – His abuse, the harm caused and Jesuit accountability: A narrative record

There are no words which can adequately express our sorrow that children who should have been cherished and cared for were abused.

I can only reiterate what the previous Jesuit Provincial has said in his apology;

“As Jesuits we are ashamed of our own failures – failure to allow the truth to be told, failure to admit to the wrong that had occurred, and failure to create earlier opportunities for you to receive the vindication you sought, deserved and needed, as a result of your experiences of Fr Marmion SJ. I apologise for our delay in creating a context in which you could receive the acknowledgement that was justly yours, and the care to which we, as a Christian community aspire in our lives and mission.”

The current Provincial, Fr. Shane Daly SJ, articulates this well.

“Once more, we ask forgiveness for the pain and suffering that has been inflicted on innocent victims, and we express our shame for when our response to their suffering was utterly inadequate. There are no excuses. Our hope is that we are given this opportunity to atone in whatever way possible for what was done in the past in our name. We thank those who suffered abuse who have to date and with generosity and courage, allowed us to do so.

I make a renewed appeal to anyone who has any concerns or who has suffered abuse at the hands of any Jesuit to contact our Safeguarding Office by emailing : or by phoning our Jesuit Safeguarding Helpline at 00 353 830874254. Its opening hours are Monday to Friday 8AM to 8PM; Saturday 10 AM to 5 PM; Sunday 10AM to 2 PM. If you do not want to contact the Order directly you may of course contact Tusla and or the Gardai.”

Gerry Foley


The Irish Jesuit Order has welcomed the publication of a narrative record of the historical abuse perpetrated by Fr Joseph Marmion SJ (1925-2000) on students in Jesuit schools. Fr Joseph Marmion SJ. His abuse, the harm caused and Jesuit accountability: A narrative record details how the Jesuit Order dealt with the allegations of abuse and the response of particular Jesuits from the time the first allegation of child sexual abuse was made until the present day. 

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