Junior Cycle


  •    Did you know Spanish is spoken by more than 546 million people in the world?
  •    Did you know Spanish is the 2nd most studied language in the world?
  •    And… the 3rd most used language online?
What you should also know is that by studying Spanish in Belvedere College you will be able to learn all of the following important skills:

You will become more LITERATE by constantly learning lots of new words and figuring out their meaning.

You will be COMMUNICATING by learning how to say something in another language- talking to a Spanish speaker confidently is a great feeling!

By choosing Spanish, you will get to WORK IN GROUPS, do role-plays, participate in fun speaking activities and always have time for CREATIVITY! You will be learning through SONGS, FILMS, CULTURAL discussions, and interactive activities on your iPads.

Choosing Spanish opens your eyes to the rich culture of Spain and the Hispanic world, its traditions, vast array of festivals, and not to mention have the opportunity to sample some of their delicious cuisine.

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