Physical Education

Physical Education and Games is central to the area of physical, aesthetic and creative personal development in the curriculum. The study of Physical Education can be linked to the whole school aims, thereby assisting in the full development of the pupil. Physical Education and Games have, in fact, a unique contribution to make to the all round education of each pupil.

Physical Education and Games, through focusing on the body, aims to develop control, co-ordination, awareness, appreciation and knowledge of the body in a range of experiences and worthwhile activities.

Acceptable forms of social behaviour and levels of responsibility can be developed through Physical Education and Games. Participation in a group situation whether the skills be team skills or individual, competitive or non-competitive, will allow the pupil to experience different relationships, roles and responsibilities, which will lead to an increase in tolerance, self confidence and respect for others.

Within Physical Education and Games, all pupils are encouraged to participate with their peers on an equal footing. It is envisaged that through this approach the pupils will develop many social skills:

  1. The ability to work with others;
  2. The ability to relate to others;
  3. The ability to accept authority;
  4. The ability to accept positive criticism;
  5. The ability to complete and display work in front of others.

Pupils are introduced to self-assessment and through this will be encouraged to recognise, understand, appreciate and criticise positively on their own performance, and others’, in a wide range of activities.

Physical Education and Games offer pupils frequent opportunity of experiencing achievement in a variety of situations, either as an individual or as a member of a team. This often leads to an increase in self-confidence, a feeling of satisfaction and an enhanced self image, which can assist in other learning situations in the school.

The Physical Education and Games Departments recognises the role of physical activity in modern society and the need for pupils to be made aware of local leisure opportunities. To provide this, the departments supports the extensive extra-curricular programme for many different physical activities.


Junior Cycle Physical Education TimeTable





1st week of School Multi Stage Fitness Test Multi Stage Fitness Test Multi Stage Fitness Test
Block 1 Aquatics 1 – Water Safety Games 1 – Skills Volleyball
Block 2 Performance Related Fitness Gymnastics 2 Active for Life
1st week after Christmas Multi Stage Fitness Test Multi Stage Fitness Test Multi Stage Fitness Test
Block 3 Athletics 1 Athletics 2 Aquatics 2 – Distance Swimming
Block 4 Gymnastics 1 Adventure Activities Football

Staff: Mr Colin McCarthy


Senior Cycle Physical Education TimeTable





1st week of School Multi Stage Fitness Test Multi Stage Fitness Test Multi Stage Fitness Test
Block 1 Football / Basketball / Gym Gym / Football / Badminton Gym / Football
Block 2 Basketball / Football /  Gym Football / Badminton / Gym Football / Gym
1st week after Christmas Multi Stage Fitness Test Multi Stage Fitness Test Multi Stage Fitness Test
Block 3 Football / Badminton / Gym Gym / Football / Badminton Gym / Football
Block 4 Badminton / Football / Gym Football / Badminton / Gym Football / Gym



  1. Mr.Brian Keelan (Head of Dept)
  2. Mr. R. Duggan
  3. Mr Colin McCarthy
  4. Mr Andy Wood
  5. Mr Simon O Donnell


Student access to PE

All Junior and Senior students are expected to take a full and active part in lessons.

Any pupils who are recovering from injury will take part in lessons to the best of their ability. Where they are unable to take part they can assist, observe or continue with their rehab exercises.

Pupils will also be supported in their rehabilitation programs before and after school and during lunch time.


Belvedere College PE kit consists of;

  1. black and white school polo shirt
  2. white shorts
  3. white socks
  4. runners


Non participants and sick notes

All pupils will take part in physical activities provided by the school, unless there are any medical reasons for not doing so. At entry the school should be informed of any important medical conditions.

Pupils wishing to be excused from PE should send a letter stating the reason and duration they wish to be excused for. Non participants should still bring in sports kit. They can help with equipment, umpiring, reciprocal teaching, controlling small sided games or be involved in observation, planning or evaluation. Pupils without kit will be given kit from the office when available.


Weekly PE Challenges

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