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Work Experience with Neven Maguire

Work Experience with Neven Maguire

by Samuel Lynch, Syntax Scully

This year in TY there’s a new trip available for students to visit Italy on a Home Economics food tour of Sorrento. The week before this trip we were given the opportunity to get work experience in a food related business. Through a combination of luck and determination I managed to get that week working in Neven Maguire’s restaurant MacNean House, Blacklion, Co Cavan.

It was an incredible experience seeing a professional restaurant working at such a high level yet still being relaxed enough to play music in the kitchen and to have a laugh every now and again. The dishes were stunning with many different elements, my personal favourite being the scallop dish with braised pork cheek and textures of carrot.

While I was there I moved to different sections each day so I had the chance to work in meat, veg, pasty and garnish sections, and experience what it’s like to work in a kitchen run by a celebrity chef.

I learnt so many new skills in the kitchen, like new knife skills and cooking techniques and got a few great recipes as well. During my last two days, Neven himself came in and it was really enjoyable working with him, even if it was only peeling potatoes. He was so friendly and patient and he got on with everyone in the kitchen. It’s something I will never forget and I loved every second of it.

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