Young Scientist Exhibition


Brian Kelleher (Syntax Scully) was entered in the 2020 BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition. Brian won a highly commended and special award for when a company believes the participant has innovated in a certain field. His special award was from the company “IE Domain Registry” which deals with domains and websites.

Brian’s project, titled “We are not safe”, was based on how we aren’t safe in our digital lives. For his study he conducted four experiments: (1) WiFi hacking (2) Hacking locked Apple computers (3) Installing a virus he created on Apple computers & (4) A survey on people’s perceptions towards passwords and how they differ from reality. Well done to Brian!



Garret Molloy (Rudiments Xavier) came first in his category – Biological Science Junior Individual at the 2019 BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition. His project was titled, Amplified Renewable bioelectrical energy in Reduced Carbon Footprint Livestock Waste Treatment System. Well done Garret and thank you to Mr Tom Morris, his co-operating teacher.

Brian Kelleher (Grammar Scully) also represented the College at the 2019 exhibition. Here, he was interviewed by TD’s Jack Chambers, Mary Lou McDonald and Conor Lenihan. Brian’s project was to develop a socially responsible technological tool to arrest the crises in both housing and pensions. Thank you to his co-operating teacher, Mr Stuart Wheeler. Great job Brian!

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