Belvo Talks

A series of talks by students, for students.


In honor of Chinese New Year, Syntax students De Yang Derry and Yishan Huang discussed China vs Ireland: The Facts.



Enosh Kallely (Syntax Kenny) discussed Quantum Effects at his BelvoTalk. A very interesting topic that had everyone reeling.


Luke Flanagan (Syntax Aylmer) hosted our second BELVOtalk of 2019. His topic was “The History of Cinema from 1880 to 2018.”



The first BelvoTalk of 2019 featured Raj Upadhyaya. Raj discussed the causes and impact of pollution with the group. The library was packed for his presentation on the topic.



Elements student Raj Upadhyaya packed out the Library with his BelvoTalk “A Guide to Cricket”:



Syntax student Daniel Bisset spoke about “Life Imitating Art” in a very well-attended BelvoTalk this year:



This school year kicked off with a talk by Rhetroic student Eoin Harrington on “The Commercialisation of Football” – watch Eoin’s BelvoTalk below:




In the first instalment of our BELVOtalk series, Ruairi Nicholl choose a topic very close to his heart and outlined what makes for a good script and how to go about improving your skills as a budding scriptwriter.  You can view this here…

He was followed by Gavin Walsh who chose a topic on Ethics in Video Games Journalism, really capturing the gaming zeitgeist.  You can view this here…

Huge thanks to all students who prepare and deliver such interesting and entertaining talks for their fellow students.


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