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School self-evaluation (SSE)

School self-evaluation (SSE)

School Self-Evaluation (SSE) is an important process influencing the quality of the

education provided for children and young people in schools. Since its formal

introduction to the Irish school system in 2012, schools have engaged with the process

in varying ways to advance aspects of teaching, learning and wellbeing.

Belvedere College SJ follows the School Self-Evaluation (SSE) process as outlined by Circular 0056/2022 which replaces previous versions.

SSE is a collaborative, internal review approach which is focused on school improvement. The review is an evidence-based approach where information is gathered from various sources, reviewed and evaluated.

SSE Process:

SSE is a whole school approach and the entire community has a role to play in the process. As such, the College Improvement Plan reflects sources from the following areas:

  • Subject Departments
  • Post Holders
  • Year Heads
  • Parents
  • Students.

Belvedere College SJ is examining the following areas in the classroom from 2023-2026:

  • Wellbeing
  • Achievement
  • Inclusion
  • Learning & Teaching
  • Identity.

When examining these areas in their practice, teachers will be focusing on the following areas from Looking at Our School 2022:

2023-24 – Reflection – Domain 2, Standard 2

2024-25 – Respectful interactions – Domain 2 Standard 2

2025-26 – Lifelong learning – Sustainable Development in Education – Domain 2 Standard 4.


Click here to access the College Improvement Plan 2022-2023

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